Monday, February 15, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day

I realize that today is actually President's Day but I was on a mission to do absolutely nothing yesterday in celebration of Valentine's Day. The hubs was kind enough to offer to take me out or buy me another bracelet but I really just wanted to buy Chinese takeout and rent some movies at the Red Box. My mother kept my son so we had a quiet night to ourselves. Our movie line up included Burnt starring Bradley Cooper (such a hottie), Love the Coopers, and Martian starring Matt Damon. Burnt was great if you like restaurant movies. I've got waitressing in my bloodline so I loved it.

Martian was also very good. It's kinda like Castaway except on Mars and with more survival stuff. It was a really good movie. I definitely would recommend both. Love the Coopers left me happy but disappointed. It ended happy like all romantic comedies do but it was confusing and the story line was lame. This is coming from a huge Diane Keaton fan too. I love everything she's ever done but this one.

 I actually spent Valentine's Day night cooking a chicken and broccoli casserole. My husband and I laughed in the kitchen as he said "who would have ever thought this is how we would spend our Valentine's Day night." He's so right. You never think of the ways things will change when you grow up and have kids. I hate to say older because I know too many people that are older than me but have no idea what they are missing by not making those chicken and broccoli casseroles for their family. Every day. every moment that I have to snuggle and kiss my family I am grateful for.

I did get a nice surprise though for Valentine's Day. This beautiful hand painted gift from my sweet boy thanks to my loving mother.

We also had 2 parties this week. My son's party and my nephew's party. Both were filled with lots of sugar and happiness.

I hope your Valentine's Day was very special. 

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