Sunday, August 16, 2015

CG Blog Swap Reveal and Review

My package has arrived! I was a first timer participating in the CG Blog Swap. You can see from this post how excited I was. The point in a nutshell is to find local favorites and send them to a blogger that you have been matched up with somewhere in the country. It's a really cool idea and I loved doing it. I sent lots of edibles from the middle Georgia area like honey, peach preserves, and bread and butter pickles all made locally. Unfortunately, the blogger that I was assigned to flaked out on me but Beth and Angie were great about it and sent me a wonderful package instead. I was just like a child opening up a Christmas present. My son was so excited and helped me along the way. He commandeered the yo-yo and button immediately.

Here is my reveal:
CG Blog Swap

He actually kissed the first package before we opened it. #excitement

Bob's Red Mill Bread Mix

blog swap from Washington

This fantastic package included:

A postcard from Washington (the state not the capital),
A canadian yo-yo
Two packets of edible flowers from Agrilicious (I have already planted this weekend)
Sea salt from San Juan Island
A travel bug
Cedar Cove on DVD based on the book by Debbie Macomber
Bob's Red Mill 10 Grain Bread Mix
A pen from a local tech company
A magic unicorn pin
Chicaoji Hot Sauce!created on Lopez Island, Washington

My overall thoughts on this swap was it was fun, exciting, and I highly recommend participating if you can. Beth and Angie offer more than just this swap on their blog. They are currently hosting a book swap. Check out their website here.

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