Saturday, July 18, 2015

Frying in the south.

It's so hot!!!! Being in Georgia in this humid hot weather is officially miserable. Not only is it super hot with no breeze, but it's humid. The air is literally wet. Like you walk out to your car to get your phone and by the time you get back inside the house, you feel water already forming on you. It's gross and sticky and exhausting. You can only stay outside for an hour before you have to come back in to catch your breathe. The garden is turning brown and wilted. My husband works outside and he comes home too drained to even eat dinner. It's 90 degrees at 8:54pm as I type this now. We use window ac units to keep our house cool and our units just can't keep up with this heat. It's been so hot when I get home (inside) that I don't even want to cook because it creates even more heat inside. I'm ready for fall to say the least. Georgia weather can be unpredictable. It might stay hot through September but it might start getting cooler next month. All I know is we are on our second straight week of 99 degrees with above 100 degrees heat index and we are all miserable. Until fall, I'll just keep burning my pumpkin spice candles and try to picture sweater weather.

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