Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Christmas in July

The Summer is always so hot in the South. Especially July. Everyone is either at the beach enjoying cool breezes and margaritas or cooling off in a swimming pool or river. At the O’Neal house though I am busy getting ready for Christmas time. Since my son’s birthday is Christmas eve and both my nieces have birthdays right before Christmas, December is my most expensive and busy month of the year. For the past five years I have waited until Fall to start planning for Christmas and every year I have found myself extremely stressed out financially and feeling guilty that I wasted the year by not planning ahead. So this year I decided to start planning for Christmas in July. My son wants a Nintendo 3DS with the Mario Smash Brothers Game. Even though we currently only have one child, our income level isn’t that much so planning ahead for something that expensive is important since I plan on buying him several gifts plus a birthday party plus Christmas. In order to afford all of the expenses for December I need to earn some extra income. This year includes participating in consignment sales, cashing in our spare change, and working to monetize my blog. I’m also starting a side crafting business but I am a long way off from that being a true source of income just yet.

  1. Participating in consignment sales- We have 3 big consignment sales in our area. All charge a vendor fee and let you keep only 70% of your sales. These are huge around here so the chances of you selling everything is next to impossible. I’ve decided to try all three this year and see how it goes. I’ll report back after August and let you know. I also expect to be buying most of my son’s school clothes at these events which is already planned but will offset my earnings for sure.
  2. Cashing in our spare change-A few years ago my husband and I started this thing where we always made purchases with a whole dollar and saved the change. We would cash them in during desperate times when we needed food or during good times when we wanted extra vacation money. This year I’m cashing it in for Christmas money.
  3. Monetizing my blog. I’ve recently signed up for various websites that pay you for product reviews, sponsored posts, etc. I’ll let you know how this works out.

My #1 goal right now is to buy my son the Nintendo 3DS he wants. It’s the most expensive item on his wish list and once it’s taken care of I will feel much better.

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