Sunday, June 28, 2015

parent bed

Why is a parent's bed so comforting? I can remember as a child I would wake up in the night and go crawl in my Mom's bed. When I was sick or even when I wasn't sleepy at all, I could climb in my Mom's bed and be asleep in minutes. When I was in college I lived with my grandparents. I remember waking up to the sound of the house shaking from thunder and I would immediately run as fast as I could and jump into the bed in between them. Thank God that they had a king size bed and I was a small girl.

I ponder this question as I see my son night after night fall asleep in my bed. He is a rough sleeper so he is always moved back to his bed. But for such a hyperactive child that had always fault sleep even as a baby, he can lay with me in the bed or just climb in there himself while I'm still doing dishes and he falls fast asleep. It's a weird thing. An interesting question.

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