Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How many tips are too many?

I love tips. Tips and tricks. I love reading quick tips on basically everything like tips on how to organize a closet, or ways to keep your child busy this summer, or tips on household management. But how many tips are too many? I'm a huge pinterest fan. I spend too many hours browsing and pinning I know. Lately, I have noticed the amount of posts on tips that are 50 +. Some are even 100 or more. Seriously, who the hell has time to browse a slideshow of 100+ tips on organizing a closet.

Even if I had the time to dedicate to such a task, the amount of information is just way too much. Trying to remember all those tips, where would you store them? Yes you can re-pin the whole post but not each individual idea unless you click through to each website and upload from there. Some pins as you have noticed are just the picture with no instruction or have a broken link. So you might love the idea but have no way of making it other than an educated guess.  It's like some people create these posts and pins without doing any research to make sure what they put out there is a "real" option for people or not.

I love tips. and tricks. But let's keep it simple.

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