Saturday, May 30, 2015

Baseball Highlights

This year we enjoyed our first year of T-ball. For the last 2 years, we have enjoyed the adventures of wee ball which is 3 and 4 year old's. Wee ball is what we call organized chaos. Within a matter of 45 minutes which is the typical game length for wee ball, your group of 10 kids will all have to go to the bathroom, are thirsty, have a full on meltdown on the field in front of everybody, and burst into tears at some point of another. But I have to say that seeing these little babies run around looking like little bobble heads with their giant helmets and pants that are pinned on with safety pins because they aren't quite big enough is hilarious. Seeing your baby hit a ball past the pitcher's mound and into the outfield for the first time is extremely memorable.

But enough about wee ball, this year was all about tee ball. The skill level of the kids have improved so much. Most kids have played at least two years so we get to see their hard work finally start to pay off. There is a score book, There are 3 outs per inning. And this shit just got real! Kids can now by drafted to play on the tee ball all stars team (yes, there is such a thing now). Every out counts even though it took our kids a whole season to learn to catch the ball. Every play to make and base you get to is kept up with in a score book and you are drafted based on your performance. Even the coaches are in competition because only the coach with the most wins is named all star coach.

For our league this year, this created a problem. Rather a choice. You could teach your kids the incorrect way of playing a win, or you could teach your team the basic skills and lose. My husband chose to teach basic skills and not focus on the win. I admire him for that choice. It was hard to swallow each week but it was the right thing to do. Other teams decided to start doing this toward the end of the season as well but we lost every game we played. The good news was our kids were getting legitimate outs and they will be even more ready for next year. Thanks to an amazing mom, I have wonderful pictures of our team this year. The pictures she took of my son are amazing. Bradley was chosen to play all stars which is what we are practicing for right now.

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