Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Christmas is just around the corner!

Christmas is approaching too soon this year. With my sudden job change came a sudden drop in income. On the plus side, there also was a sudden drop in working hours so I have more time at home with my son to have more "life time." By that I mean, we get to spend more of our time at church fellowshipping with others, more time at home making candy apples and apple shaped sandwiches, and more time looking for deals. I love deals. I'm one of those ladies that has a turned stomach when I pay full price for something and then see it on sale a week later. I do stop at the extreme though. I've never eaten leftover food from someone else's plate or jumped in a dumpster in pursuit of a coupon but I do enjoy clipping coupons and getting the best deal possible.

I recently found this website called "The Krazy Coupon Lady" It's FANtastic! Every day there are multiple coupon deals posted from different stores across the country. My favorite part is that all the work in done for you-they research all the coupons and provide links to any printable ones. They even give you a cost breakdown per item and tell you how many transactions to use.

When I worked at my old job, I never had time for any coupon clipping. Granted my paycheck was bigger, but I never had time to do what I truly loved which is find great deals. I'm also always up for a challenge and it's been a while since I did one for myself. So my personal challenge for the holidays this year is to create a ridiculously low budget and use the Krazy Coupon Lady website to stay as close in my budget as possible! My budget will be $365!! That's it. Let's see how close I can stay to that.  I have my child's birthday on Christmas Eve and two nieces (my only nieces) birthday both the week after Christmas. All of them are very young so I can get away with inexpensive gifts this year. It will be next year that I must not be stupid and start saving February or even January. I put $50 for my husband but I'm actually putting him a gun on layaway that will cost much more than $50 so I know for sure, that will change. I've already been browsing leaked black friday deals hoping to start some early planning. Let the holiday challenge begin!

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