Monday, September 22, 2014


This week was a week full of stomach aches, sleepless nights and many, many blessings.
First, I have been wanting to leave my job for some time now. But I've never been a girl that quit a job without having another already in place. So I had an interview this week for a potential job in my town (my current job is 45 minutes away-one way). The interview went well and I will hear if I got the job on Monday. I was hoping to know something Monday before I quit my current job but God decided to step in and give me his blessing.

For weeks, even months, I have prayed for a way out of this job I have. I have been very lost for a long time and I didn't know how to leave my job because I bring home the most money in my house. I thought it would be selfish of me to quit and leave my family in financial trouble with no savings, and quite a few bills to pay. I even took a substitute teaching course a few months back and got on the substitute teaching list  but after finding out that the pay was closer to zero and basically under minimum wage, I chose to stay put. After my interview, I was on the phone with my Mom still discussing quitting my current job when I got an incoming call from the school. It was the elementary school, they wanted to know if I would be interested in the subbing the very next day. I agreed without hesitation. I called my mom back and told her I had a sub gig the next day. She was excited but I started to get nervous about missing work, lying to the boss to take the day off, and it would be my very first sub job. I prayed about it. I called my bible study teacher, she prayed with me. And I slept about 4 hours that night.

It turned out that I was worried for nothing. I was subbing for one of the most organized teachers in the school. I was offered several sub jobs that day from teachers and got along with pretty much everyone. I even got a hug from one student and a picture from another. It was a great day. They even made arrangements to bring my son over from his school. So we rode home together and for the first time in a very long time, I didn't feel rushed, guilty, or anything, just peace.

I made the decision that night to put in my notice the next day. I was very nervous and ready for it to be over with. My boss took it really well. Said it would save him some money and asked me to work  from home part time for a few weeks until they figured something out. I agreed. I also got two calls from the school about subbing next week. I am beyond happy right now. And I know it will get harder when the bills come in next month and we have a lot less money in the bank but I will cross that bridge when I get there.

The second amazing blessing for the week, My Awana class. I'm terrible about over thinking every situation. This week I was so busy over thinking my personal life, I had no time to overthink Awana. We ran by the dollar store on the way to Awana to pick up some snacks for the kids, My four year old picked out most of them and the ones he picked out were a huge hit! That child always amazes me. This week we had the same kids as last week plus one. It was great. I no longer feel terrible about only having a few because that means we get to take a cool trip somewhere at the end of the year.

My fears of being a terrible Awana leader also ended when I was approached my a student who asked me if they could participate since she didn't have her uniform (awana shirt). I said of course you can, She was wearing her school spirit shirt for the school spirit them night so she was technically in uniform as far as I was concerned. She immediately went to her Grandma and excitedly said "Mrs. Kristen said we can participate." I was a little confused which I think showed on my face. The grandma looked at my with a smile and quietly told me that the previous commander refused to let kids in uniform participate. She would make them sit in the big church. I was shocked but refused to budge on my rule of, if you show up, you participate. You might not get the extra points, but you are still participating. The fact that I only had 6 kids started to make more sense to me. Another minor issue that night was a teacher who had been teaching in awana for a very long time made a comment that one child could not hold the flag because he wasn't in uniform, Like a mama bear, I quickly came to his defense and said that the only reason he doesn't is because no one has ordered one for him and he technically is because he is wearing his school spirit shirt for theme night. She was a little shocked I believe but the night still ended on a high note.

I went home thinking about my decision to protect those kids like they were my own, I decided that no matter what happens, I will stand up for them. Awana is more than uniforms and rules, it's about learning the word of God and about fellowship. No one gets kicked out of bible study for not wearing uniform and awana is just the kids version of that. I do have a little worry in my heart that because she is married to a deacon and so is the old commander, I might be asked to step down because I'm not doing it the way "they" say. But so be it. I refuse to back down on my beliefs. The way I see it, they had the opportunity to be commander and they turned it down. There is a new mama bear in town and she is gonna protect her kids. Plan and simple..

Thank you God for the wonderful blessings this week.

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