Saturday, August 2, 2014

"Yes, Yes, to V-V-VBS"

I had the pleasure of teaching my very first vacation bible school program this week. It was also the first time my son attended and he absolutely loved it. We did the Agent D3: Discover, Decide, Defend Series. All the kids got to learn about Jesus and become super secret agents complete with a hat and agent sunglasses that had a really cool feature of letting you see what was behind you in the side of the lens. The adults were all dizzy but the kids loved it. Bradley kept going around telling random strangers that he was an agent and he was going to save the world. After four days of church in a row, he was so disappointed when we went back to our normal routine. 
Bradley with his teacher
Being a first time teacher, I volunteered for the music class. The first day, I thought to myself "What was I thinking?" after the kids were running a muck in the sanctuary and no one including me knew the moves to the songs but after working with the kids for days and watching them perform it in front of their parents on Sunday, I was so proud of all of them and with myself for being there for them when they needed guidance. I never had the desire to teach kids before. They always got on my nerves. But God put these children in my path and opened my heart to the love and joy that children can bring. It had such a profound effect on me that I have decided to go to graduate school in the Spring and get my master's. I plan to continue on after that and teach college level eventually but for now, I plan to start substitute teaching while I get my master's. I know every day with children isn't great but every day with me isn't  that great either. I'm sure that God will continue to show me the path. 

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