Friday, August 29, 2014

Long week and other weirdness

This week seemed like the longest week I have had in a very long time. My son is headed to Pre-K next week and we are trying to get back on that super early morning routine. It's been rough on both of us. My husband leaves the house everyday right at 7:30 but we usually are just getting up then. Working off the advice of my mother, I've been trying to wake us up early so we would be ready for next week but we have both been super grumpy all week.

Monday I had a press conference for my work. I was stressed out because I couldn't get any media outlets to confirm but we ended up having all the major outlets plus radio and  the paper so we did excellent. I just worried for nothing. Wednesday,  I was nominated to take over the Awana program at church. Truthfully, I have never even volunteered as a teacher or listener before but I'm great with events and planning so I'm going to give it a try. I've already got a little grief for starting a couple weeks later than the previous commander but they will survive and get over it. My philosophy is if you want it done your way then step but and do it yourself. Don't expect people to follow your orders. Thursday was open house at my kids' school. He will have the teacher that is considered the best and I actually graduated high school with her. I have mixed emotions about it. This girl isn't just a girl, she was the most coveted item in my grade. Everyone wanted to either be friends with her or date her. Although we were in the same social circles, we were never besties so there is definitely an element of intimation there.

The weirdness award this week goes to the random period I received on Thursday. I've had an IUD for the past four years with no periods and only occasional cramps and problems. Never an actual period. I started on Thursday and as I write this on Friday night, it's still going on. My sister said I need to be smart and use protection because it sounds like it's "wearing off." My doc said in January that everything looked great and I have no reason to worry but I should have it removed in January. I think the most humorous part is the fact that I have basically forgotten all the rules with tampon use and how strange it feels. I have been so spoiled. I was thinking of getting another IUD but we are talking about having another baby in two years so I don't know.

Well I'm signing off for the night. I have a hair cut appointment and baby shower tomorrow but I have the pleasure of watching my niece and nephew tomorrow night so my little sis can get out with her hubby for the first time in a long time.

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