Sunday, March 16, 2014

Week in Pics

This week was survived. I'm officially 13 days away from the CBMF. I've been planning this music festival for over 9 months and it's finally here. Here is a recap of my week in pics:

I let Bradley help with my hair rollers 

Team Mom'd it for Bradley's Wee ball team

Orchestrated team snack time 

Tried a healthy breakfast ( I was starving by lunch)

Received wristbands for the music festival 

Got my badass shirt in!!!

Enjoyed 2.5 sips of a yummy Blackberry Lemonade Spritzer ( I had to drive but it just looked so good)

Man handled a dead shrub in my front yard (Photo Credit: Bradley)

Ordered to in turn photograph him working as well

Played with our food during date night

Forced my hubby to take a photo because he said I never include him on my blog

And finally, was attacked by a french fry eating wolverine....

All in a week's work! 

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