Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Back on Blogger!

I must confess that my first blog was started on blogger several years ago. I loved blogging back in the day but life with a little one got in the way. I used wordpress a lot for work so I moved my blog over there and then evidentually just stopped blogging period. I must confess that I usually don't know what to write about that people other than myself would care to read. "They", whoever "they" is, says that you should blog for the readers not personal things that no one cares about but in many ways blogging for me has always been an outlet not a monetary mission. I got caught up in caring what others might think about my writing. My bad grammar, sad homelife stories, my non-fancy house and kitchen. When I read blogs they are all so bright and shiny. They are all positive about life. Don't get me wrong, I have many positive things going on now that I can share but for the last five years I have struggled a lot and I'm just finding my way through the darkness. The rundown: 2009: Graduated college, got married, had baby 2010: Bought a trailer on rented land, started my career 2011: Career goes great, marriage in trouble 2012: Lost trailer when owners sold land, marriage still in trouble 2013: Career is killing me, filed for divorce, moved back to my hometown 2014: Husband decided to change, working on my marriage, love living back in my hometown,! That basically sums up what has happened. I have also developed a serious love for trial and error baking and gardening which I will share with you.

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